Canal Patwari Paper 2023 Morning ppsc

This Canal Patwari Paper are held 10 December 2023. Canal Patwari Jobs related to canal data , record saving. Canal Patwari Paper with answers. Total 100 MCQs . 50 Marks related to Computer , MS office , MS excel , Ms Word MCQs.

Canal Patwari Paper with Answers

1.Carry on meaning 

2.She is awaiting—–result (preposition)

3. Till is—– preposition

4. A bee one bonnet idiom 

5. Pros and cons

6. Profusion opposite

7. Simlilar word: scarcely 

Urdu and Is

1.Imam ul khatoot

2.Shadi shuda zani ke saza

3.Toot batoot kis nay leekhi 

4. Insaano ke takheeq Kay waqt Allah nay kharab keya 

5. Tazabzab ka Matlab 

6. Shayaar e nqalab

Shortcuts for

Underline, Select All


Excel is used to ?? Organize data

Gutter margin used for

Warsa pact dissolved in?

Age of president of Pak? 45 years

Age of voters?

Excel shows error when wrong formula is typed?

What is the name of the girl of 16 years age who became prime minister of Finland for 1 day?

Neutral Particle is? Neutron

Reference from other worksheet?  Absolute reference

Carry on means? Continue 

Be in one’s bonnet means?

Pros and cons means? Far and against 

Profusion antonym?

Scarcely synonym? Hardly 

Shortcut for line break in Excel? Shift+Enter

Default orientation of documents is?  Portrait

Right cell address is?  A6

Design template available in?  View, is tarah ka koi swal tha?

Tliban and US agreement for peace keeping signed in?  2020

In 1946 elections Congress won in how many provinces?

Khilafat Movement started in?  1919

Latin word “Aqua” means?

Which one is font style?  Sub script, Superscript, REGULAR, Strikethrough? Regular correct tha

خطوط کے لیے مشہور ہے؟ غالب

اللہ تعالیٰ نے کس کو کہا کہ میں زمین میں اپنا نائب بنانے والا ہوں؟فرشتوں

جادو اور معجزہ میں فرق کے لیے کون سے فرشتے آئے؟ ہاروت ماروت

شادی شدہ زانی کی سزا؟

ٹوٹ بٹوٹ کس کا کردار ہے؟

مضامین پطرس چھپ؟ گئے/گیا

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