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PPSC Canal Patwari Past Papers

  1. Second Summit of Organization of Islamic Cooperation was held in Lahore in ?

Ans: 1974

  • The third battle of Panipat was fought between Ahmad Shah Abdali and __ ?

Ans: Marhattas

  • Who founded the Madrassah Darul Uloom?

Ans:  Maulana Qasim Nanotvi

  • Ghulam Muhammad Barrage was constructed on River:

Ans:  Indus River

  • Mughal Emperor Humayon’s tomb is situtated at:

Ans: Delhi

  • Manga Carta was: imp

Ans:  charter of rights granted by King John II of England in 1215 A.D

  • The constituiton Assembly of Pakistan passed the “Objectives Resolution” in:

Ans:  1949

  • According to constitution of 1956 , the national language of Pakistan was:

Ans:  Urdu and Bengali

  • The last prime minister before the impostion of 1958 martial law was:

Ans: Feroz khan noon

  1. Lotus lake is located in: imp

Ans: Islamabad

  1. Who was Mohammad Ali Bogra?

Ans: Prime Minister

  1. Mahatma Gandh was a:

Ans:  Lawyer

  1. The famous Badshai  Mosque located in Lahore was built by:

Ans: Aurangzab

  1. Who became the Governer of Pakistan after Khawja Nazimuddin?

Ans: Ghulam Muhammad

  1. Which one of the following country opposed Pakistan’s membership of the United Nations Organization?

Ans: Afghanistan

  1. Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar was governor of :\

Ans: Punjab

  1. Ayat Ul Kursi is part of which Surah in the Holy Quran?

Ans: Al Baqrah

  1. Who was called Abu-ul-Bashar Sani?

Ans: Hazrat Adam A.S

  1. Namaz is reffered to in Quran as an obligation:

Ans: 700 times

  • How many total Surah in Holy Quran?

Ans: 114

  • Meaning of Wahi is:

Ans: Revelation

  • Salat e Istasqa is offered on the occasion of :

Ans: shortage of Rain

  • Holy Prophet (PBUH) name “Muhammad” was suggested by:

Ans: Hazrat Abdul Mutlib

  • First Ashra of Ramzan is known as:

Ans: Days of Mercy

  • Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) lived with Hazrat abdul Mulib?

Ans:  2 years

  •  What is the estimate age of the Universe?

Ans: 13 billion years

  • Which is the second largest ocean after Pacific?

Ans: Atlantic

  • The coldest place in the world is:

Ans: Siberia

  • The Headquarter of European Union is at:

Ans: Bussels

  • Which one out of the folloing is not a principal organ of the U.N.O ?

Ans: International Labour Organization

  • Takka is the currency of:

Ans: Bangladesh

  • Pablo Picasso is considered to be a great:

Ans: Painter

  • What is the capital of Australia?

Ans: Canberra

  • What does ISO stands for:

Ans: International Standard Organization

  • UNO was eastablished in:

Ans: 1945

  • The Secretariat of Economic Cooperation Organization ECO is located in:

Ans: Tehran(Iran)

  • The capital of Saudia Arabia is:

Ans: Riyadh

  • The Headquarter of IMF is located in:

Ans: Washington D.C

  • Error in the computer program which makes it run incorrectly is know as:

Ans: Bug

  • _____ is an input device:

Ans: Mouse

  • What does WWW stands for:

Ans: World Wide Web

  • MS Powerpoint is used to create:

Ans: Presentation

  • You ______ since moring:

Ans: You have been resting

  • I this exercise in an hour yesterday.

Ans: Finished

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