How to do prepare PPSC one Paper MCQs

Many candidate often asked this question ” How to prepare PPSC one Paper MCQs for any department paper in jobs.

One Paper MCQs syllabus for PPSC

There are following one paper MCQs syllabus in PPSC.

There are total 100 Questions will be given in 60 minutes , you should attempt PPSC Paper. Following portion in One Paper MCQs include.

  • English
  • General Knowledge
  • Political Map/ Physical Map of the World
  • Pak Affairs Indo Pak History
  • Current Affairs
  • Islamiat and Islamic History
  • Everyday Science
  • Computer
  • Maths/General Ability
  • Urdu

How to do Preparation of PPSC (One Paper MCQs)

How to do preparation of PPSC(One Paper MCQs) (Gk Based)-Then question is how to do preparation? The gateway to your dream job is very simple. You must have to purchase latest edition of “Caravan GK by Ch Ahmed Najeeb and “PAST PAPER OF PPSC BY IMTIAZ SHAHID”.

Whenever PPSC announces job, whose paper is general knowledge based , then you must have to read & memorize the whole books (approximately 200 papers are in book). Just past papers of concerned department is not enough whenever the paper is based on “GK” .

It doesn’t matter that either job is announced in Punjab police, Anti Corruption Department, Excise and Taxation department or anybody else, if the paper is based on General knowledge then you must have to prepare the whole book – Remember, this one book (PPSC BY IMTIAZ SHAHID is not enough to grasp PPSC.

But as 70% of papers comes from this book. But now a days you score up to 80%+ in order to be called for interview. I request you that don’t rely on one book. You must consult also some other books like Caravan GK by Ch Ahmed Najeeb. This book will give you in depth knowledge of all the information you have read in IMTIAZ SHAHID’s book and will clear your ambiguities. You must male your own notes in symmetry. In addition to Caravan, ilmi capsule is also a masterpiece to do preparation. Now, we discuss that how to grasp remaining 30% marks.-To grasp 30% remaining paper, proficiency in English, Math and Current Affairs is required.

English Preparation PPSC

In Subject of English you must have strong grip on following topics Tenses, Active voice & passive voice, Direct and indirect, Parts of Speech, Types of sentences, rules of verb, use of preposition etc. To cover the above topics, i strongly recommend to buy “Functional English by GM BUTT”.

Moreover basic topics like tenses, active voice and direct & indirect can also be found in note books of your younger brother or sister, who are studying in matric. Don’t feel shy to consult theses note books.

Computer Preparation PPSC

Computer: Now a days , a bit trend being changed by PPSC. Now you must have basic knowledge of MS OFFICE & Computer. To grasp website “EXAMVEDA” is strongly recommended.

Math Preparation PPSC

Now come to Math. One thing keep in mind you can’t score 100% marks in GK even after burning the midnight oil. But in Math, you just need to clear your concepts and you can easily score 100% marks in this portion.

For Math following topics are necessary:

  • Simplification
  • problems on Numbers
  • Trains
  • Ages
  • Chain rules
  • Discounts
  • Area and Perimeters
  • decimal fractions
  • Percentage
  • Average
  • etc

You can find all question related to aforesaid topics in Old editions of PPSC by Imtiaz Shahid. In new editions, this section is missing. To solve sums of MATH, I recommend you to download “Brainly” app from play store, where you can find solution of every question, whenever the need arises.

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