Junior Clerk Past Papers PPSC test MCQs

In Every Government and Private Sector Clerks Staff are working to maintain , Update , Delete , Upload the Data of applier and Office staff are working to regular and online typing work. Here PPSC Junior Clerk Past papers are given the questions answers on this article. Junior Clerk syllabus and salary PPSC.

PPSC junior Clerk Paper

Recently Junior Clerk Paper held , this Junior Clerk (11) paper will be helpful for test in PPSC. Most important Computer science , MS office , MS word , MS excel questions in this paper. Junior Clerk PPSC past paper.

1. BCD code has how many bits? 4
2. Biggest fresh water lake of Pakistan? Manchar
3. Largest glacier of Pakistan? Siachen
4. Shortcut key to move cursor one word right? CTRL+Right Arrow
5. Once in a blue moon? Very Rare
5. Hemodialysis? is a type of dialysis that uses a special filter to cleanse the blood.
6. توبہ تلنصوع کس کا ناول ہے؟ ڈپٹی نذیر احمد تیسرا ناول
7. Father of local government in subcontinent? Lord rippon
8. Who was viceroy at the time of second world war? Lord linlithgow
9. Who was the viceroy at the time of first census in subcontinent? Lord Mayo
10. Census in Pakistan after every? 10 years
11. Pak-Afg border length? 2250km
12. Polio is caused by? Virus
13. Which is input device? Scanner
14. Age of Akbar at the time of king? 13 years
15. Normal Ph of Milk? 6.7
16. Soap and detergent used to clean dirt from clothes? Lowering of interfacial tension
17. Lahore ka Jugrafia kis ny likha? Putras Bukhari
18. First president of Muslim League? Sir Agha Khan
19. Antonym of Backward? Developed
20. Antonym of Dent?
21. Antonym of Ordeal? Ease
22. Currency of Malaysia? Ringitt
23. Famous president of Cuba? Fidel Castrio
24. Alexender the great was the kind of?
25. Second round table conference date?
Sep 7, 1931 – Dec 1, 1931
26. Which devices are used to backup ? All of these(Floppy, Hard Disc, CD)
27. Deleted files go to? Recycle Bin
28. To poke nose? To get involved
29. To side with idiom.
30. Which part of speech is used to join two clauses? Conjunction
31. Friendly is? Adverb
32. Treaty after world war 1? Treaty of Versilies
33. Fish ? Aquarium
34. Mizaah Nigaar? Putras Bukhar and Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi
35. ILO? 1920
36. Shimla accord? 1972
37. Real name of Faiz? Faiz Ahmad
38. Tomb of Quaid e Azam? Karachi
39۔ امیر لوگ کس کی نافرمانی سے
40۔ یہودیوں کا ایمان تھا کہ ہم تھوڑے دنوں کے لیئے جہنم میں رہینگے۔
41۔ کونسی قوم جبرائیل ع کی سب سے بڑی مخالف ہے؟ یہودی۔
42۔ موسی ع نے کس بادشاہ کے گھر میں پرورش پائی؟
43۔ مرثیہ کی جمع؟ مراثی
43۔ پوری مجلس ڈوب گئی؟
غم و الم میں۔

  1. Which is fast memory? Primary

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